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#012: Q&A with The Pense Boys

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

In this special seasonal episode, I invited my boys to talk about the past, present and future. It's always fun to connect with your kids at any time in their lives. But as they grow into adults, it becomes even more meaningful because they bring a new perspective. It's fun to validate memories, and talk about the story of our lives. It's good for the soul.

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Casey's Famous Easter Run


Notable Quotes from Episode #012: Q&A with The Pense Boys

“Old enough to have a Build-a-bear in your backpack.”

“You are unnaturally filled with rage at a fart.”

“A build-a-bear named Achilles.”

“You launch into a flatulence party.”

“Have you ever tried to trade in or swap out a lease on a car that’s been freshly shat in?”

“As a young child I wanted a family.”

“Beautiful Pensacola Florida.”

“It smells like old books and not like Ron Burgundy's collection”

“Would you take $20 bucks to get another cat?”

“Like, I remember the door hit his butt one time and he just like, went like “oweee oweee!”

“And nobody at the school is wearing a costume, except for me and my little batman suit.”

“I'm making the right choices. This is how I should handle this. And that's when I crapped my pants in first grade.”

“Casey pooped his pants.”

“Hello, can I speak to Fayordoris?”

“That kind of taught me that even though those failures come in, they hit so hard. However, you get back up and you keep going.”

“No matter what do it right the first time.”

“When I learned that huge lesson you gotta, you gotta pick yourself up by the bootstraps and you gotta get back on the road.

“If you have a parent pass away you can use that excuse to get out of things.”

“You make good decisions. You're gonna live a good life. You make bad decisions, you're gonna live a bad life.”

“...but the Joe and Sally, whatever posting their two year olds, gender reveal, whatever...”

“...when people start to sacrifice their integrity for Likes ...”

“You are the tickle instigator.”


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