#010: Yolanda Hamm - Mothers Day Special

Updated: Mar 9

In this special Mother's Day episode you will meet the woman behind the man (Regie Hamm), the life of the party and a very special person all the way around. Regie & Yolanda have been married going on twenty-nine years, and together have two children. Yolanda is a dedicated mother and together with Regie, the primary care giver to their daughter Bella who has a rare disorder called Angelman Syndrome, as well as their son Gabe who is a one man show himself.

Yolanda is a veteran at American Airlines, a strong advocate for adoption and somehow manages to keep Regie in line, all at the same time.

Yolanda Hamm

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You have to take risks. There will be disappointments and failures and disasters as a result of taking these things. Task was appointed to you, and if you do not find a way, no one will. Great moments are born from great opportunity. That's what you have here in the end, that's all we really are is just stories, stories about our lives and how we remember people and stories. Makes us feel a little less alone in the world.

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What's up, everybody? Welcome to the Groove podcast. This is Devin Pense,and this is Reggie Hamm here on the groove. As always, we talked to people from all walks of life to share their stories about pivotal moments struggles. We all face what it takes to rise above challenging circumstances. Heartbreaking

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much appreciated. Are I? Dude, we're headed into some deep waters here. Um, yes, we are. But before I reveal our guests, I just want to say we've got a couple things going on here. This'll is our 10th episode. Handclaps. Yeah, we made it. We made it to 10. Um and that's pretty good. So it's kind of a double whammy force now. I know. I just said I was going to reveal our special guest, but I think it's such especially such a special guest, the honor should go to you.

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Well, Dev Ah, this is the ah, this is the girl that was wearing the blue dress that day. And you know the day I'm talking about I know the day. Ah, because you looked at me and she's walking away in that blue dress. And you went, Did your just done You're dying was like, um, I think I might be done. And here we are 29. Whom years later, Uh, and so are today's guest. And I'm taking a big risk your death, because I think once people hear her, they're not gonna want to hear us anymore. Yeah, I'm afraid that's the case. We'll take the risk anyway. The Mother's Day episode. We figured we get the mother of all mothers to join us. Ah, so without further ado, today's guest is my wife, Yolanda Ham. So everybody welcome to the shoe, Yolanda.

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Yes, and in fact, she is so special. She is probably the only guests that will have her own intro song. And but so before I play it, though, I have to say, this was written and performed by you, Regie Hamm. And it's actually a cut from your American dreams record, which is still, by the way, one of my all time favorites, Um, and it's pretty obvious where the inspiration came from. But tell everybody really quick kind of the story behind this This little tune here

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well, you're gonna you're gonna hear my wife and you're going to get a sense of She's really the charismatic one of the two. It's like she's the one that kind of lights up the room. I mean, I'm the artist. I'm you know, blah blah blah, but I go out and make the music and do the shows and whatever, but I've always maintained that she's actually the real star and I'm kind of, ah, I could be a wallflower at a party I'm I'm happy to, like, stand in the corner and watch people. She is that person that walks in. She could walk in in a burlap sack. Everyone kind of gasp what she's done before, by the way. Oh, yeah, yeah, exactly how cool she makes that, you know. I mean, all right. And so everybody and so so our whole married life. Everybody's always Mawr interested, like if they know both of us, there are.

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Tell me about

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your What's your hand doing? So she's so funny. And so I have in. So the biggest question that I got the first, you know, 29 years we were married was house Yolanda. And so finally, I just you know, I was so used to saying, You lot just find that I was like, You know what? Screw it. I'm writing a song about this. And that's how the song Yolanda's Fine was born. I just It was just sheer absolute frustration. Well, without

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further ado, I'm going to roll her intro here. Here we go.

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I love a girl who holds the world by the proverbial too to know how to taste my away got so coming down right being you won't on those how she's doing Teoh.

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All right, man. Yolanda Hamm. Welcome to the group.

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You know, pressure A couple things. I wonder. Dress 1st 1st of all, I wanna have that girl's voice that says that very first voice. Welcome. Okay. I don't know who she is, but her voice is amazing. Secondly, I want to have the British voice of the of that girl because I want a combination of that. That would be the voice I would like to appear.

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You know that you can have all of that. It's just a matter of just a little practice, you know, little a diction, Coach. You know

spk_1:   7:21

I'm horrible at accents. You can ask. Ready?

spk_2:   7:24

Well, you're your worst at your worst accent of all is the British accent. Like you could do a lot of other. You do the greatest Southern accent. You're not from the South, but you do the funniest, like, belly laugh kind of Southern accent I've ever heard You do? Great. Obviously you're Hispanic, so you know you do that that sort of dialect. Great. But you can't seem to e. I don't know what I try to get the British accent. It doesn't work.

spk_1:   7:49

It does. It is terrible. I can do a sport a t c for. What's that? That wasn't even. Yeah, and thank you for the introduction of the other thing. I was thinking, as I was listening to. Just a little bit of those lyrics is how really that song would change if you wrote it today. She seems most she seems just fine. Just most the time, which would change to some of the time. Um,

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we will change the way more than that way.

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All right, you guys actually true, And I know you guys have been ah, you know, uh, pent up together there for a while, So might have to take it easy.

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Okay? This It sounds like she's calling in overseas, but she's in another room and actually in our house, talking on the phone to us. So But it would have been cooler if you would have said she's overseas. So if she if you know what I mean, he's or something.

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Yeah, and she's calling in from the beach. Well, not the beach. No, no, no, no, she is not. She is not on the beach. Ah, the beaches close the beaches closed. Um, so it's great. Obviously the have you on our show? Um, thank you. We have some stuff to cover here. I think we have. We can. Actually. This episode could probably be five hours long.

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Absolutely. We have a lot of catching up to do, but But you just you're gonna have to rein me in. You know that?

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I don't know. There's no no, no such thing, Speed. Speaking of, um, there's a lot of, you know as well, you know, getting up in our years and over a course of a lifetime. I think there are only a few like firsts and own lease, right? There are a lot of first, but sometimes there's like an only And that's kind of one of the things I want to kind of kick this off because you actually brought in one of those own lease into my life. And it's, you know, when you're in school, you know, middle school. I don't know. Elementary, maybe high school. I didn't get many fights. You know, I got in a couple, like, minor minor skirmishes here and there. But but as a grown man, like a grown grown up person, I've never had any physical altercation. Riel physical altercation with anyone. Um, until one night in Las Vegas, Reggie and I, we we we we're all in Vegas. And we were finishing up the night, if I recall correctly, um, and you had to use the restroom, and that's perfectly fine. And Reggie and I, you know, kind of did the same. But we got done early, and we were just kind of hanging out, you know, right outside the restrooms, just, you know, chit chattin. And all of a sudden we kind of start hearing like a loud voice, like loudness, like something is going on and we kind of just kind of start like do what's going on, you know, And I look over and what we both look over, and I can still close my eyes and see it, like, right now, you were backing out of the restroom, both arms in the air fighting position fighting position. And as you got closer where we began to understand what you were saying, which was bring it on, show d Bring it on. Just bring it on and rest. They will never forget it, man. We look at each other and here comes this dude and out of the restroom. We don't know what happened. We don't know. And at that moment, I really I just like I just settled in my mind. I'm going to be in a fight like I'm going get

spk_2:   11:50

same thing day. If I was, like, Okay, we're gonna fighting that night. I'm a 30 something year old man who is about to actually get in

spk_0:   11:56

a fight. Yeah, and it's just one of those things where I thought that this guy was going to come out and, you know, fortunately, cooler heads because it seems like Reg had, you know, he handled the situation. Eso Well, like he had experience. Um, you know, calming things down before death. Like maybe I don't like, Maybe you have done it before, but

spk_2:   12:21

well, you need to set it up a little bit. So So? So what would happen if tell me from right here, Lana. But what happened is they quote, they had they closed one of the restrooms down, and they were kind of sending so both genders had or all six genders, or how many ever there are now. But there weren't There were only two back those days. They were like like some girls could go in, and then guys would go in and then but the But apparently these guys went in before they were supposed to. Isn't that what happened?

spk_1:   12:51

Yeah, we were taking turns and I was going in with, um, another friend. Can we say with the

spk_2:   13:01

with Kevin's wife? Yeah. Like

spk_1:   13:04

that time And

spk_2:   13:06

my wife at the time

spk_0:   13:08

of the time.

spk_1:   13:08

I waas. Yes. Yeah, yeah. We were supposed to take turns, and these kid come in.

spk_0:   13:15

I think they were growing in, but

spk_1:   13:17

they were, Yeah, but they were They felt like kids to me. They're looking for ecology. You know, I was argued my thirties, I guess. And, um so we were in there using the facility and bump, they come just bouncing in. I think someone had said, Hey, wait your turn And there at the urinals and we are stuck and we come out And that's what I said. You know, you're supposed to wait and they're, like, scream and then due to start screaming at me. And I just lost it, you know, rude And I have been drinking a little because I normally don't go to like, the last thing I'll do is attack. Somebody's, like, physical. I mean, I always try to be sensitive to that, but I I called him Shorty, and he was sure

spk_2:   14:07

he was a little friends

spk_1:   14:09

were not

spk_2:   14:10

duties that shorter. He was also say that those guys were like Jersey Shore. Uh, I mean, they look like that came right off the show. Jersey shore, right? They were like we actually,

spk_0:   14:23

when it was happening, we actually got a aloft of cologne.

spk_2:   14:27

Yeah, and again they were It added to the mother in, you know, they were they were gym tan laundry guys, but this guy was kind of uncommonly short. And I

spk_0:   14:35

had, by the way, if I could just say and admit I as he came out, I thought, All right, I can, you know, between me and Red, we can take this dude. Um, on. Then here comes his two buddies, and and then in my mind, I immediately was planning on I'll still take the short guy. I'm still got four. Guy is Reggie's wife, man. I'm just gonna I'm gonna do what I can over here on then. You know, register's gonna have to take care

spk_2:   15:05

of. Yeah, but the way it looks, the way it played out is she's backing out and she says, Bring it, Shorty. And I like, I think I literally looked at you. Deben went. She actually called him Shorty on. I was

spk_0:   15:20

like, We're going to get in a fight where

spk_1:   15:21

I know I was. Yeah, it was disrespect. That was it. You know, that was he had disrespected me.

spk_2:   15:30

Hey there. And then one of the dudes looked over, I think when he figured out we were together is like, you know, you need to get your woman into control, you know, and I was like, bro, you know what? If you can help me figure that out, I think that kind of broke the ice a little bit. And then and then we all kind of laughter, Something I don't know. We defuse the situation. We did not have to fight that night. Let's put it that way.

spk_0:   15:52

Yeah, we were just really We just got out of there as fast as we could because I thought, you know, again, I thought we were gonna get into a little skirmish there, so that that's one of my kind of favorite all time. Ah, I almost got in a fight as a man story. Um, yeah. So welcome. Yeah.

spk_2:   16:12

I mean, look, here's the deal. I I will tell you this. Um, it wasn't for me. It wasn't really about, like, Okay, if there's gonna be a fight, there's gonna fight. But I'm always kind of like, as I've gotten older. It's like, OK, what is it? I'm actually willing to fight over. True, true, and I'm not, You know what I mean? And especially now that you know, like a put records out whatever. There's a possibility that it could get out and people will find out about. And it's like I'm not gonna have people reading Got in a fight with three guys from the Jersey Shore, you know, because there was an incident in Vegas through people. But, you know, I mean, that's just like so that's just so it's Look, if someone was, like, you know, trying to harm my family or something like that, yeah, we'll get in a fight over that, but that would that didn't seem like that rose to that level. It was just

spk_0:   17:00

It was headed there, and I think she was your family. But here's my question. Would you

spk_1:   17:06

should have gotten

spk_0:   17:07

right with that dude, you know, it would be This would be a much better story if we would have actually got in a fight way, should change that up and and say We actually got in a fight and took out These three do

spk_2:   17:19

well. I think the point here is the moral of the story. The only one of the three of us who really wasn't afraid to fight was her. That's the point. That's the point. That's how it seems

spk_1:   17:30

that enough the discussion we had later where Reggie, you know, was expressing his first bit of frustration with the situation that I was forcing him to fight into which my response was No, I didn't. I was good to go.

spk_0:   17:47

Yeah, you were good, Teoh. We made it

spk_1:   17:50

at CES off. No, my shoes off. Did I not?

spk_0:   17:55

No. Yeah. I don't think anything had come off it that point. Um, I think everything was intact. And then I said, Wait, we got into the ah ah, the cars and, you know, got back safely and we get Once I got my room, I honestly felt like I'm not coming out for a while. I just needed any of the little break

spk_2:   18:14

well, and let me and let me just also reiterate you were way taller than that guy, like, way taller than him, you know? I mean, if you're taking your shoes off, it would have made it a little more of a fair fight for, you know,

spk_0:   18:26

it would have. And looking back now that you say that Reg taking him out probably wouldn't have been that hard if she, you know, got in some shots. I got in some shots and then you were over here negotiating with these other two dudes with big. Here's the thing is my question. If that happened today, would anything change? Because, Well, because back then I know we had cell phones. But, like, you know, everything now is, you know, video.

spk_2:   18:55

Well, they would have all been filmed. First of all, it would have all

spk_0:   18:58

I would have had my phone out. I would have been, like, as quickly as I could just to capture the moment or somebody would have.

spk_2:   19:05

That's the thing. Okay,

spk_1:   19:06

let me

spk_2:   19:06

bring that up because there's always somebody somewhere we just look, we've had a horribly ah, horrible incident down in Georgia where a guy got shot. I don't want to go into that. That's not really what we're talking about. Don't get too heavy, but here's the point I'm making Everything seems to get filmed these days, and long did you and I were talking about this yesterday, but it's not. It is not our first instinct to film something like, if I if I saw an altercation, it wouldn't be my first move toe. Pull the phone out and try to get, you know footage of it. It would be either, you know, help or go for help or whatever, but it's like these days, like our first, our first move. Oh, I got to get this. I gotta get to something like guys like I always wonder about if you see a fighter. If you see some kind of weird, you know, something happening to somebody. I always wonder about the person filming it like what's going through their mind. Why are they Why is that their move instead of toe help? You know, that's something about that. That kind of bothers

spk_0:   20:07

me, I think, I think probably, I mean, if something funny is happening, it's one thing. I think if there's something serious going on, um, a couple things I think one people are afraid to even help out these days because of liability, like just liability issues like you step in the middle of a fight and you pick out the wrong guy or whatever in whatever. I mean, there's a lot of liability. And then, you know, just the sheer fact of, you know, proof of, you know, here's the proof, right? Like there's here is actually what happened, you know, on on the thing I think a lot of people do that. And the one thing I've noticed that, like people, man, they record, you know, a cop company. You get pulled over, people start putting the phone up, filming the guy, just giving you a ticket or whatever. Like I don't. I'd be kind of nervous toe whip out of phone and start like, you know, videoing an officer. You know, that just pulled me over. I don't know. I mean, and I'm in the, you know, I'm I'm in the business. I'm in the video business, and I I still get a little uncomfortable pulling out my phone and pointing it towards somebody.

spk_2:   21:19

Yeah, here's a question. I mean, what? How do you think I really I We've been married, What, 29 years in December? I mean, how would that? How would our relationship have changed early on, if everything was on camera? Like we've been going through a lot of pictures lately. We've been going through a lot of old photos, stuff we didn't even remember, you know, people that we didn't remember and just places like man, where was that? When did that happen? I just wonder, you know, what the effects of a long term relationship are when everything is on camera. You know what I mean? Not just not just caught on pictures, but it's like you see it. You see the reality of it, you know, rather than the almost feel like there's something nice about being able to kind of put a patina on things in your memory, you know, like maybe it wouldn't exactly that way, But we we kind of make it, you know, a little bit more of what we wanted it to be. But, man, when it's all on cameras, just all raw, you get the raw feed of everything. I don't know. What do you think?

spk_1:   22:22

Um, no, I don't like it. I like to make it. Ah whole scenario of what happened, what that picture was about, or whatever. That that memory waas. And then, you know, it changes through the years and they always seems to get better. You can't really change what you see in real life. I you know me. Look, I'm I I could barely check my email and text, and I like that. I like it like that. Why drive my son crazy, but I just I'm I just have not down with all of it, I think, you know. Yeah,

spk_2:   22:56

I think we tend to

spk_1:   22:56

remember. So

spk_0:   22:57

we tend to remember things better than they were. Um, yes, yes, you

spk_1:   23:02

know. Yeah. But I think that that's survival a little bit, you know? I don't know.

spk_2:   23:11

Yeah, I agree. It is

spk_0:   23:12

survivable. Yeah. And I think there's something about capturing an instant, like a like a just a one sec. I mean, just a flash of something. Um, because that kind of just it makes you more.

spk_1:   23:25

Let me tell you what What, what what Flash is to my mind, which which has happened several times when I've tried to capture things on Isabella today she was she was feeding herself breakfast. I was putting the fork, and I've just she's done in the past few mornings that we we've been practicing and she's just closed so beautifully. It is just she and I having breakfast, and the minute I pull my camera out, even a suddenly is I think I'm doing it. And I'm talking about a child, you know, with obs cognitive issues and thing and special needs. She gets that that the atmosphere just changed. And what is happening between us is now has it changed the complexion of what happened. And it really hit me today. I thought, I'm trying to capture these moments when they're really for me. And while I would love to sort of share them with other people, she's cheeked. She does not into that. And I think some so many people are sitting around. I've got to capture this. And even when they posted on Facebook, I think to myself. But it was really sweeter in the moment. If you had just enjoyed the moment. I don't know. And now I'm so over killed on all that because, you know, we've been in quarantine and I told you originally were watching. We're talking today, and I'm like if I see one more family break out in dance, I'm gonna lose my mind and you don't Me. So now, now all that authentic, beautiful stuff is like, Oh, now we're going to show that we're actually the one of your color family. What? Just go. So I don't know. I I have a real I'm not a lover of all things that are filmed and I like Teoh. Sometimes you just have to take the photograph in your mind and and let that live with just you so

spk_2:   25:18

well in here and here I have dragged you into doing It's Saturday, Facebook live with me. So I feel like I'm gonna break in our trip. And

spk_1:   25:27

no, that's not now that I like because, you know, I don't know. I just It's fun. It's It's I don't think a lot of people Yeah, a lot of people get. They did see Reggie that I like that they get to see our relationship. I think that's what Because we truly for the most part enjoy each other's company and and and rip off each other. And what I've loved you is that people are finally seeing a funny Reggie is

spk_2:   25:56

finally yeah, right. Finally, yes, I, after all, know I'll tell you. Listen, it's not unlike the song. Um, I I I will. I will say things that Yolanda said, or post things that you wanna said, or I'll try to kind of give people a glimpse into you know what our relationship is like, Oh my gosh, you guys must laugh all the time or or they don't get it or they're like, Oh, my gosh, she sounds crazy or whatever. You know, Now you've been around us deaf. So you know, you know what this is like even in our script that, you know, we're trying to get made into a film? A lot of people haven't quite gotten the atmosphere. I mean, they love the dialogue and then they'll. But then they'll ask me now, is that like, Did you make that up? Or is that like, really, what I was like? No, this is all kind of based on, like, real conversations that we have. This is like and I think there's something that kind of puts people off as much as people want to talk about women being equal to men and having the same power and agency and blah, blah, blah, blah. But when they actually see it happening, it's off putting to them. But we've always had that relationship where we kind of I wrote about in the book where we, you know, we look literally Look, I I were the same height about it, although I'm 5 11 I'm 5 11 and ah, she's But anyway, I all of that was a mystery to people. So I just thought, Why don't we do Why

spk_1:   27:29

don't I

spk_2:   27:29

just bring her on camera and let's just see if it actually translates. And it seems to, you know, people, people, people have really been enjoying it. Although she's sort of overtaking me now. People are like, Hey, could we just Could we just Yolanda and you know, do we have to have you in their asses? Well, you know,

spk_0:   27:48

that happens. You knew that was gonna happen when you started

spk_2:   27:51

it. So that was going absolutely.

spk_0:   27:53

And so that you guys were doing this. What? Every Saturday. Now Facebook live? Yeah, very exciting.

spk_2:   28:01

And it's just like like this. Look, when I do my thing, you know, there's always some, you know, some some theme and blawg behind it. And then, you know, I typically cry. Yeah, I play a song and somebody ends up crying. I mean, this is just like, this is just us. Like talking about stuff we've watched this week, stuff we were thinking about stupid stuff that, you know, it's just like and you want to usually has a Kroger story that she turns into something hilarious. Even if it wasn't, she always turns. This is the thing I love about my wife is that she's always been able to make she whenever she comes back from anywhere. I don't know if ever, ever told you this letter, but you've always got a story. It doesn't matter if it was just mundane. It's I've always will always look forward to because she always makes it funny. Somehow she sees the funny part of it. That's, Ah, humor man humors. I don't I don't know that people, sir, I don't know how any marriage, long term relationship, long term friendship, whatever survives without humor. I mean, Dev you and I are We are in a constant joke thread. It's it's weird for us to actually make a serious comment in our constant text through it, you don't mean it bust it, But that would have any idea what we're talking about, which they will never do by the way they will not.

spk_0:   29:20

But yeah, you're right. I mean, I think humor is something that ah, it keeps things alive and it's hard to, you know, you can't if that chemistry is not there. You know when we've all been around couples and people that are just like man, you know that that dude's wife is, you know, boring as hell or that that guy's a you know, a whole or something. But it is interesting it being around you guys has been, ah, at time. There's been a lot of, Ah, lot of stories that we probably won't get into. But I do

spk_2:   30:00

have that. We do have the whole thing. I mean, they there's that whole. There's that whole concept We talk about it all the time of Do we want to hang out with both people, right? Like if there's a couple right? Linda?

spk_1:   30:12

Yes, it's awful when there's just that Onley want the wife or the husband, it's Yeah, so we just don't anymore,

spk_2:   30:20

especially E. Now. And I will tell you about the unnamed woman that we were talking about at the top of the show that you used to be married to. I will say a week. Let's I want to give her props because, dude, she was funny. You mean there was a lot of I mean, I I hear the deafening silence on the other end there. I know what you're thinking, but she really was

spk_1:   30:42

married to her, but we way

spk_2:   30:44

were married to, But she was

spk_1:   30:45

times we vacationed with you guys or went out. I remember us just laughing My, your any quick, it talking about understood message received. Yeah. Sometimes you number you have. You obviously have to have more. But let's talk about

spk_0:   31:14

this Corona virus for a

spk_2:   31:15

second. Negative humor.

spk_1:   31:19

So you guys, crazy thing,

spk_0:   31:23

this cove in 19. I mean,

spk_2:   31:25

what you guys have been get any funnier?

spk_0:   31:30

So you guys have been to get, you know, like together. How's it been? What's it been like crammed together? The two kids? We'll talk about that because And let's just also, by the way, you want it works at American Airlines. Right? So all that kind of came into play like I I can remember I was actually out of town when all this sort of, like, started bubbling up. And there was actually a few moments where, you know, there were complaints or some cancellations, and I was kind of worried I wasn't gonna be ableto get back home. But what's it been like for you guys?

spk_1:   32:09

Yeah, What did we said? Ready all along this we started this cove it with. We started this quarantine journey 17 years ago, and I mean, the toilet paper has changed. That has been that, you know, that I wasn't a bit of

spk_2:   32:25

it was there were wrinkle. Honestly, that was just a

spk_1:   32:27

weird result. But for us, we've, you know, we we look oh, we chose a path that was of least resistance, which was to stay with Bella. And we have been her full time caregivers. And there have been people through the years that have given us nights off and things like that. But for the most part, it's been just easier to to be at home. So for this family, like we've not skip to be, our kids are golden, you know, gives 13. So he doesn't care as long as he has music, food, his new scooter and friends. Um, video games. He's cool. Ah, and Bella, you know, we we But I think we probably been more active with her just in getting around walks and getting around driving around. But But, Regine, I have been having, you know, date nights every night for many many years. Um, now to say that there have been times when you see Oh, yeah. Doesn't look they

spk_2:   33:28

think in her line. Yeah,

spk_1:   33:29

way. Remember it better than it is. Okay. Or what are what we have? I mean, I were we talked the other the other night. And just that, you know, if you registered, I've actually enjoyed this. I mean, there have been times when his crunching really did put me over the edge.

spk_0:   33:50

The currency. Yeah.

spk_1:   33:52

Dude, he lifted some crackers and there was nothing. It was like crickets and in the kitchen until the big down the crackers. And it was if the house is coming off. I mean, the walls were shaking and I was looked at him. It got love him. He was just enjoying him. He wasn't do anything wrong. No, he was just crunching.

spk_0:   34:12

He was enjoying the tote

spk_2:   34:13

that thin. The lasers that were coming from her eyes actually burned into my skull because that's all she really had this year, right? She just had

spk_1:   34:23

to go right way and literally, I think that's the thing is there's been note. There have been moments where, like, there's nowhere to go. There's nowhere for these kids to go. There's nowhere for ready to go there. So in that respect, there've been a couple moments of panic. But for the most part, I think we've We've done really well. And now Reggie's version.

spk_2:   34:45

Yeah. Let's hear. Read. Really, I agree. I mean, look, we knew we were gonna be home bound. I don't know. Six months after we got home with Bella and they told us, you know, that the therapist said she's probably not We're gonna walk. Probably never gonna, you know, say any words. Ah, and we you know, we bought this house, uh, to basically customize it for that life. And so we've been living that, like, you know, I mean, so I've got my little studio in office. I can kind of retreat to, and you know, when it's got the little combat little cabana out back and we've all got our little away spaces, we can kind of go to, um and we do that, you know, all week. Anyway, whether there's a quarantine on or not, we're pretty much here, and I can't think honestly, like I can't think of much that's changed, except that the kids are going to school that's really about it.

spk_1:   35:35


spk_0:   35:36

I think the one thing that that is different, what would be the mean if you needed to go somewhere you could if you want, needed to go literally, anywhere you could. The difference is now, you know, it's like, Well, you go to the grocery store. Oh, are you can go, you know, did this place with very few places and no one's that, you know, telling you to stay home. You know, don't go out, get a virus, you die. All this kind of stuff. I think that's that's been kind of for me the the madness, because, you know, seem here because I have had offices and stuff before outside of my house. But, you know, I work from home as well. And so for me, I don't hardly go anywhere in anyways. Except, you know, occasionally, you know, we'd like, Hey, let's go toe some, you know, somewhere for dinner. You know, you go to sit down. I can't remember. Honestly, some weird that what it was, what it's like to actually go into, like a you know, nice steakhouse and sit there and and eat without thinking of like, oh, do they have? No, they have. Do they have? No, They don't have a mask on though. They have a mask on Shouldn't, should we? In on this card. And

spk_2:   36:49

by the way, we all have our masks on right now. Like Debs and Dallas are No, your eye. But we're all where I wear that mask. So,

spk_0:   36:59

yeah, I understand, you know, apart. But

spk_1:   37:02

so I had to wear masks to the dentist today, and I got the chair and left it on. But that's awesome. Yeah, I did. And I go, she goes, you know, I go out, you people there. Somebody check my temperature. You know, we went through 10 staff support. Could even walk back to get my teeth clean. Um, so that was That was fun. That's my story for today, Wretch.

spk_2:   37:25

That's it. You got you. That's right. Early this morning, you get

spk_1:   37:27

told a funny ha ha with the mask on trying to claim the tea. Yeah. Um, but yes. Over. Still, I don't know. We have I think we have laughed Mawr, um, 100% sir. Yes. Oh, yes. Definitely laughed more just because, you know, we're stuck in Netflix lander watching crazy stuff. We like to watch crazy programs where people are insane. And, um, and Reggie is wondering why. I think we just were looking for somebody that's a little more often us.

spk_2:   38:05

And then that says, I bar my friend.

spk_1:   38:07

Then we found it.

spk_2:   38:08

We found it last night with 90 day fiance. Oh, that's the kind of crazy I tune in for right there. That's that's why I watch television is 90 day fiance,

spk_0:   38:19

right? Man, I've not had the privilege of watching that That is that on Ah, Netflix, or is that just Ah, on

spk_1:   38:28

Tonto? It was one of those times, and I was like, We've run out of things to so watch and, you know, thank you, by the way, for turning us onto succession. But, um, somebody said, Oh my God, you wanted does too crazy And I kind of put on the back burner. And then last night we were sitting there. I'm like, Let's just let's see what this is about. Forget about it. 2/2 hours three hours later, couldn't agree. We were laughing so hard.

spk_2:   38:53

And when the when the young man who was traveling to Amazon to meet the love of his life was handed locks, locks of hair from his mother to keep to keep next to him to remember her by. I was, like, clean. Now we're talking. Now we're talking. This is television.

spk_1:   39:12

Yeah. So that's where

spk_0:   39:14

man Well, I

spk_1:   39:15

would like to. I wanted to have grown as a person that I've learned so many things about myself. But no. Zero. Zilch, nothing. This is not a better person at all. Nothing's changed. I tell

spk_2:   39:29

you what. The only thing I've learned about myself is how much I literally hate to go anywhere like everybody's like freaking out about. I been home for something like I This is fine to me. Like there's not any of this bother me at all. I'm finding somebody got me a T shirt that said, um I'm sorry, I let I'm sorry I'm late, but I really don't want to be here. And I wear it non. Ironically, you know, people have it. Hey, that's funny. I'm like, there's nothing funny about this. I'm telling you the truth. I mean, it was a little weird when I wore it Thanksgiving dinner, but, you know, it's

spk_1:   40:05

a little they got it. Trust me. Well,

spk_0:   40:11

I think I think this the whole social media side of of it all is has just gone insane, you know? I mean, I've had I actually went to a point where I had deleted my Facebook. Um, and then when we started a podcast, I turned it back on all this kind of stuff. And, you know, I have I hate to say it. I'm gonna admit it. I have snoozed so many people. There's just very few people left, you know, because it's just I

spk_2:   40:41

got, like, three things in my feet now have done the same thing. I tell you, dude, let me tell you, let me tell you what will get you snoozed from me and Yolanda. I can speak for Yolanda on this. If you lose your sense of humor, right, you're we are. We are done with you. Yeah. I could just tell you right now if everything is just ultra uber serious and Oh, my God. Uh, and there's never any break. There's never any, like, breath of humor at all. Like, you know, it doesn't mean you got to be a clown all the time, But just at some point, man. Just some kind of break up. If there's, if that if that just never comes through in your feed. Oh, are any kind of light You don't have to be. You don't have to be a comedian, but just any kind of light. It's like, I can't have that really? In my life. I mean, I understand the issues. I delve into the issues. I have opinions on the issues. I write about the issues. I know that there are bad things happening in the world. And at some point, if you can't balance that with some with some humor been Ah, I just I don't know, I That's a tough thing for me. And I know it's a tough thing for you. Launder.

spk_1:   41:51


spk_0:   41:53

Well, I know, I know. Red. You mean you did. You do dive into a lot of deep stuff in that. That Ah, the humor probably helps balance out. Um, the rest of it. You know, um, my wife has, ah, her own podcast, and it's called the Crime Shack. She likes, you know, crimes. Which scares me.

spk_2:   42:16

Um, it's like elaborate crimes. Were wives have murdered their husbands and pinned it on someone else, stuff like that.

spk_0:   42:24

That that kind of stuff. He you know, they were out feeding the pigs and he accidentally fell in. Uh, you know, and it's kind of it's kind of funny because she kind of works on it. You know, her podcast, listen, writes it and stuff, and then I'll help hope to record it. And I literally I'm hearing it for the first time, you know, like as she's recording it in. I mean, there are times that I've just had to go like, Dude, are you like he says here? Yes, you know. And she, like her last one was something about, um all these difference Ah, ah, syndromes that that mothers get for the reasons they kill their Children. And I'm like, uh, I had no idea in there. It's crazy, but

spk_2:   43:12

isn't this It's like Munchausen by proxy or something like

spk_0:   43:14

that. It is that, but it's that's that's one, like, slight thing. But listen to her podcast. I mean these things. They're like long words, and there's like, you know, the mother that does it for ah, because she thinks she needs to protect her Children. So she must Jesselyn and it got me. I don't know. I can't even get into it. But it's just it's just gonna ah, kind of crazy. But it does take a lot of balance, too, you know, because other by, she's hilarious, like just, you know, she makes me laugh.

spk_2:   43:47

So you're saying your wife now is funny to what you're saying?

spk_1:   43:58

No, I was I would say this. Well, the thing is, this you like funny women. And so you have been one of those few dudes that we've been able to hang out with. You know, you like, we can hang out as a couple.

spk_0:   44:11

That's good to know.

spk_2:   44:12

Yeah, Both people are on the weak and check the boxes of both people when we're hanging out with you

spk_0:   44:16

speaking off. So speaking of Netflix, um, one of the things get I made it to the end of Netflix, by the way. And just every now and then there's this kind of, like redeeming Ah, the latest Jerry Seinfeld standard. Oh, my God. Great. You guys are saying I ain't Oh, it's so good. I'm gonna I watched it yesterday when I watch it again. One of my favorite little bits that he doesn't mean he's just He saw me sign Phillies all solid all the way through. But as we when he talks about, you know, the older he gets, you know, he's loves, you know, the sixties, or, you know, that the best. Because, you know, he could just tell people No, like, I just Yeah, I just It's easy for me to tell people No, but then he's like he's looking forward to the seventies because then he just won't say anything to anyone like

spk_2:   45:07