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Stories About Life.

The Successes, Failures and Pivots
In The Constant Pursuit

Of What We Call

The Groove


Interviews and stories about pivotal moments, struggles we all face, what it takes to rise above challenging circumstances and heart-breaking setbacks to find what we call, The Groove. 



Devin is an accomplished Director and Executive Producer with over 20 years of hands-on experience and accomplishments in all aspects of production, post-production, and building creative teams. He was the Chief Content Officer at TONIK+, VP of Production at The Marketing Arm (an Omnicom agency), as well as playing key roles in the launch of The Oprah Winfrey Network and The Pac 12 Networks.


Devin started his career as a studio drummer and recording engineer, so music plays a huge role in his inspiration when creating. He enjoys shooting street photography and you can see his photography on INSTAGRAM.

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